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🧠 Seeing connections that others miss is a generalists’ superpower.

Expert-generalists are the disrupters, inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs who see new connections between technology, psychology, design, culture, and business.

It starts with curiosity and a broad knowledge from multiple disciplines about how the world works.

🌟 Inspired by the Greats:

Many of the top scientists, business leaders, inventors, and artists throughout history have achieved their breakthrough successes by embracing the philosophy of expert generalism:

🔬 Albert Einstein, trained in physics, taught himself an area of mathematics far removed from his expertise - Riemannian geometry - to formulate his law of general relativity.

🧬 James Watson and Francis Crick combined discoveries in X-ray diffraction technology, chemistry, evolutionary theory, and computation to solve the puzzle of the double helix.

💡 Steve Jobs, drawing on insights from his study of calligraphy and a rich understanding of design, created a new breed of computing devices.

🌟 The Benefits of Expert Generalism:

Expert Generalists not only stand at the crossroads of diverse knowledge but also enjoy distinct advantages:

1. 🔍 Accurate Worldview: They see the world more accurately and predict the future better, as they aren't as susceptible to biases and assumptions prevalent in any single field or community.

2. 💡 Breakthrough Ideas: They generate more breakthrough ideas by pulling insights that work in one area into uncharted territories, sparking innovation.

3. 🌐 Open Networks: Expert Generalists build open networks, serving as connectors between people from different groups. Network science research highlights that having an open network is the #1 predictor of career success.

📚 What to Expect:

🎓 Cross-Disciplinary Insights: Delve into the minds of experts from different fields, uncovering the threads that tie knowledge together.

🚀 Practical Wisdom: Apply diverse concepts to your personal and professional life, gaining an edge in decision-making.

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🔥Join me on this journey as we build a broad knowledge base and learn from remarkable ideas and experiences on a broad range of topics.🔥

I only curate ideas that inspire me. And despite reading for hours, on most days I’m still left with an empty list, and on others, I’m spoiled for choice. That’s why this newsletter doesn’t have a set schedule and you will hear from me no more than two times a month.

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